Welcome to Showergel’s documentation!

Showergel is made to live aside Liquidsoap: while a Liquidsoap script creates a radio stream, Showergel provides complementary features like playlist logging or occasional scheduling, with a (minimalist) Web interface. It is made to run on a Linux box (with systemd) dedicated to your radio stream.


With Showergel you still have to write/tune the Liquidsoap script that will fit your radio. That is, the set of sources (playlist, input.harbor, …) and operators (random, switch, fallback, …) that fits your programs and schedule. This documentation only provides Showergel’s quickstart.liq, covering Liquidsoap’s basics and Showergel’s integration. Please take some time to experiment with Liquidsoap alone before considering Showergel.

Showergel is released under the GPL3 license.

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